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As a lifelong small business owner, I know firsthand the needs and challenges that every small business owner faces to succeed. I intend to work closely with my colleagues to make county government a true partner to small businesses in order for them to expand and create high paying, quality jobs for all our residents. My experience in working with the Miami-Dade Beacon Council gives me the unique ability to develop strategies geared to attract large and small businesses from around the country to relocate and make Miami-Dade County their new home.

• I will pass legislation allowing new and existing small businesses to open their doors faster and expand their operations by reforming the burdensome permitting process, eliminating needless bureaucratic hurdles, and cutting red tape so that local government becomes a true partner and not an obstacle to small businesses.

• I will propose legislation for the expansion of the County’s popular “Mom & Pop” Small Business Grant Program by doubling the amount of grant money the county provides annually so that more struggling small businesses can benefit from this valuable program, as well as allowing new and qualified businesses, and startups to access this program.

• Incentivize our local colleges and universities to expand their curriculums to offer more vocational courses in trades in order to prepare the many young men and women, not inclined for a traditional education, to obtain the skills necessary for them to build fruitful careers and become part of our workforce at a much faster rate.

• I will work tirelessly with local, state and national economic development organizations and institutions in order to attract large and small businesses from around the country to relocate their operations and make Miami-Dade County their new home, and provide our residents with the quality, high-paying jobs they need and deserve.

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