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The boundaries of Commission District 9 encompass all of southwestern Miami-Dade County, and almost all of the farming and agriculture communities located within the City of Homestead, Florida City, and The Redland. Few residents realize that aside from tourism, our very own agriculture community provides Miami-Dade with more than $2.7 Billion in direct economic impact annually.

In Miami-Dade County, our agriculture industry employs well over 20,000 people. This number increases dramatically to over 200,000 when one factors in additional industries that rely on a successful harvest: the trucking industry, international shipping, grocers and supermarket chains, home improvement stores, plant nurseries, fruit and produce stands, etc. Additionally, our agriculture industry in southern and western Miami-Dade supplies a significant portion of Florida’s produce year-round, and more than 80% of fresh vegetables to all of the northeastern United States during the winter months. In exchange for this economic windfall, Miami-Dade County provides for a little over $200,000 annually through the Miami-Dade County’s Office of the Agriculture Manager, as well as the Miami-Dade Cooperative Extension Service.

  • I will be a steadfast supporter and defender of our Agriculture Industry and will work closely with my colleagues so that the funds that our County government sends to support this vital, local industry, is not reduced or threatened from any annual budgetary cuts.
  • My office and I will make it a priority to inform and educate our fellow residents of the many benefits and importance that this industry brings to all of Miami-Dade County
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