Climate Change

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As South Floridians, we have the unique advantage of living and working in paradise. The year-round tropical climate and its world-famous beaches makes Miami-Dade an ideal place to call home. Moreover, in southern Miami-Dade, we have the additional bonus of having two national treasures in our backyard – Everglades and Biscayne National Parks. However, the adverse effects of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise are beginning to threaten our communities, as well as weaken the thousands of delicate ecosystems that provide the balance we enjoy for sustainability in South Florida.

  • I will sponsor legislation which would require any new county-owned buildings to be Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED Certified, essentially making them “green buildings” by 2025, and require all county-owned properties to be retrofitted to meet this certification by 2030.
  • Once my transportation proposals are implemented, Miami-Dade residents will have a range of options in getting around – from light rail, clean natural gas-powered buses and local trams, allowing them to leave their automobiles at home, significantly reducing our overall carbon emissions into the atmosphere.
  • I will work closely with local, state and national authorities, as well as my colleagues on the Commission to take proactive action to address the adverse effects of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise so that not only our own generation but future generations may continue to call Miami-Dade and all of South Florida their beloved home.
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