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Miami-Dade County is an amazing place to call home. Regrettably, however, According to Florida International University’s (FIU) Prosperity Feasibility Study of 2016, the average household pays a whopping 62 percent of their income in housing and transportation costs. This situation, coupled with stagnant wages, a lack of new, high paying jobs, and even gentrification, have caused a housing affordability crisis that, for a staggering number of working families and fixed-income elderly, alike, has priced them out of their homes, to find themselves barely able to afford living in their hometown anymore.

• I will fight to pass legislation which would increase the current caps the County’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund is able to spend on affordable housing projects, as well as accelerate the release of these funds, once they are allocated, so that the monies targeted for affordable housing do not sit idle, year after year – so that more projects may be built at a faster rate.

• I will also demand that until this affordability crisis is under control, the County’s Affordable Housing Fund’s annual budget be significantly increased to accommodate the needs of lower-and middle-class working families who are in need of stable and affordable housing.

• Incentivize our business community to invest more in our county’s workforce housing program to provide affordable housing opportunities for our first responders, teachers and nurses.


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